Our Story

Super Maids Cleaning Company was founded in the spirit of helping everyone make live just a little shinier. Our cleaning company was built on the desire to give busy businesses and individuals a break from chores they may not always have time for. We understand that keeping a clean, well-kept home or business is vital to how your family or employees operate. A messy space makes for a messy mind. Super Maids takes pride in serving the communities of Northern Virginia where many of our staff members live and contribute to the community. We’re committed to the goal of delivering our customers sparkling results each and every time.

Who are we?

At Super Maids Cleaning Company we have been working to spread our passion for cleanliness since day one. We’re a cleaning company with immense pride in what we do each day for our clients. We have long understood that cleanliness can be a major factor in how you operate on a daily basis. A cluttered, messy home can leave you feeling panicked and unable to catch up on everything you need to do. At our core, Super Maids Cleaning Company provides our clients with the perfect cleaning company to handle what they’re not always able to do. Unlike some cleaning companies, our staff of qualified professionals work until the job is completed to your standard. We are thorough in what we do for our clients so you know you’re getting the best, most trustworthy service of any company in Northern Virginia.


As a cleaning company located in Northern Virginia we serve the surrounding community with full cleaning services. Whether you have an office in need of regular maintenance or need a deep clean of your home on occasion, we’re ready to help. Check out the range of services we provide and call us today to discuss how we can lighten your load and have your space feeling as fresh as the day you moved in.


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